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Troy Tenzin Rigzin Bottoroff
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Troy Bottoroff, himself
Character Information
Name Troy Tenzin Rigzin Bottoroff
Gender Male
Age 11
Voiced by Troy Bottoroff (animator)
Eric (GoAnimate)
First Appearance The Adventures of BD (episode)
Last Appearance TBA

Troy Tenzin Rigzin Bottoroff is one of the main characters on The Adventures of BD, The Adventures of RDM, The Adventures of Averon, The Adventures of MyKeithyAndFriends, The Life of RDM, Zo K'lita RDM and The Adventures of Louis. He is aged 12. He is born on May 5, 2004.


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  • He makes appearances in the show Ryan 1st Semester.
    • Apparently, in the show he is named Troy Bratoff, other than the usual Troy Bottoroff.
  • All though he is misjudged by his age, he is very smart with computers and technology, along with animating.